Hen Do Party Bags: How To Personalise Party Bags!

We LOVE These Hen Party Bags!

You want to throw the best hen party ever, right? Well you need to set your hen do apart from all the rest! DIY is a great way to do this. Customise hen do party bags at home, fill with goodies and give them out to all your guests at the hen party.  Easy as 1, 2, 3, the ladies from The Crafty Hen show you the steps you need to take to customise your pink stripe party bags at home.

Not much of a DIY-er? Well fret not. The Crafty Hen have created three different difficulty levels from simple to more tricky. This blog post shows you how to DIY the easiest version of the hen party bag. Watch out over the next few weeks as we show you how to create more challenging DIY hen do party bags!  So here goes….

What You Will Need For Your Hen Do Party Bags

  1. Pink Stripe Party Bags
  2. A hole puncher
  3. Ribbon (preferably two different colours to make the hearty bags extra pretty)
  4. Name tags or some coloured paper
  5. Pens

A Simple DIY: How To Personalise Your Hen Do Party Bags

  1. Fold over the top 4cm of the bag. Use a hole puncher (ours is a craft one from a craft shop but any old office paper puncher could be used) to make two holes.
  2. Thread through some colourful ribbon.
  3. Thread on a label and tie ribbon into a big bow. Singe ends of ribbon with a lighter to keep them neat if necessary if they begin to fray.
  4. Write on the name. We used metallic felt pens for this.

What Do You Think?

We love the idea of using these hen party bags as place settings. Perfect if you are hosting an afternoon tea or dinner, guests will love looking for their names at the table. They will love it even more when they realise there are lots of treats inside each party bag!
A big thank you to The Crafty Hen for creating this DIY blog post. Take extra care when doing this tutorial at home.

Free Hen Party Game Kit!

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