Hen Party Gifts: A Gift Idea For The Bride To Be

A DIY Tutorial on Creating Hen Party Gifts

Are You Planning On Giving The Bride Hen Party Gifts?

Hen party gifts are becoming increasingly popular.  This is probably because you can buy such lovely keepsakes these days.  Giving the bride to be a gift is definitely an added extra.

After all, there is enough to consider before thinking about buying a gift. And the likelihood is, she’s going to be spoilt rotten with all the lovely things you have planned at her hen do.

Its safe to say, your BFF will be one lucky lady if she gets a gift on top of everything else.

A DIY Tutorial on Creating Hen Party Gifts

We Thinks She’s Going To Love This Hen Party Gift!

That being said, if you are looking for something special to treat your bride to be, read on.

Most probably, you will be giving your bride to be a few accessories to wear during her hen do. Perhaps a sash and a rosette.

Or if she hates all that hen party paraphernalia, a low key badge or a cool-girl headband.

If you fancy presenting these treats in a lovely way, look no further than The Bride Essentials Tin!

TOP TIP: Think about who will pay for the gift! We like the idea of it coming from her bridesmaids / brides men. You could give it to her before the rest of the hen party guests arrive. Before the mayhem ensues. She will be really distracted once the party starts. So it’s a nice idea to have some quiet time before everyone arrives – if you can.

Have You Thought About Using The Tin Again?

The great thing about The Bride Essentials Tin is it’s actually geared towards weddings.

That means she’ll be able to use it again on her wedding day. The perfect place to store her something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!

A DIY Tutorial on Creating Hen Party Gifts

Are You Looking For Fun Gift Ideas To Fill Your Tin?

The options are endless. You know your friend better than anyone else so you’ll know what she’ll love.  If she hates fuss, she probably won’t want to be decked out head to toe in hen party accessories.  There are alternatives out there if she wants something more low key these days.

And don’t forget to think about the colours she loves when choosing your hen party gifts. Does she like lots of pink? Or how about something more retro. Consider her tastes and choose accessories she’ll love and you’ll be onto a winner.  So there you have it, a lovely gift for the bride to be. We will be creating more blog posts around our favourite hen party gifts so keep a look out!

Here are the links to all the hen party gifts used in this blog post:

  1. The Bride Essentials Tin (Made by Really Good. Now in a new pretty design)
  2. The Vintage Bride To Be Rosette
  3. The Hen Party Badges
  4. The Hen Party Tiara
  5. The Bride To Be Sash
  6. Tissue Paper and Shredded Tissue

What Do You Think?

We hope you found this blog post about hen party gifts helpful! Comment below and let us know what gift ideas you have for the bride to be! We’d love to hear from you.

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