The ‘Something Blue’ Hen Party Manicure – A Step By Step Guide

Hello Hens! Today we have collaborated with super fancy nail salon London Grace to bring you a hen party manicure tutorial. The ‘Some Thing Blue’ nail tutorial will teach you how to create this pretty, feminine & fresh look using cool blue tones with a fun pop of glitter. Perfect for a bride to be celebrating her hen party! This step by step tutorial will have your nails buffed and polished to perfection!

London Grace are an award winning nail bar offering Pamper & Prosecco Hen Parties throughout London.

Hen Party Manicure Tutorial - Something Blue

Step 1. Shape, buff, repeat

Preparation is key to a long-lasting manicure. Start by filing your nails to the desired length and shape, then buff each nail using a ‘shoe-shine’ motion to create an oil-free, surface for the polish to adhere to. We recommend the London Grace shape (£3) and buff (£4) to create perfectly smooth and even nails.
Hen Party Manicure Tutorial - Something BlueHen Party Manicure Tutorial - Something Blue

Step 2. Cuticle care

Removing dead skin cells from your nails not only makes for an easier canvas to paint, but also promotes healthy growth. We are loving CND Cuticle Away, leave this on for a few minutes and your will cuticles will be soft enough to gently push back. If you have excess cuticles then carefully cut with a cuticle nipper. Next treat yourself to a mini massage, we can’t get enough of the London Grace coconut hand lotion (£9) – it smells like a tropical honeymoon island!

Hen Party Manicure Tutorial - Something Blue

Step 3. All about the base

Make sure your nails are free of any remaining oil/moisturiser using a non-acetone polish remover. Apply an even layer of base coat that suits your nail condition (we used London Grace nail strengthening base coat £11 on our model).

Hen Party Manicure Tutorial - Something Blue

Step 4. Something new and something blue

For a fun, bridal look that offers something a little different from the traditional french manicure, we love the London Grace cruelty-free and no-nasties* Florence polish (£11). Apply two thin coats of colour, starting with a sweep of polish down the centre of the nail and then working your way around each side.
Hen Party Manicure Tutorial - Something BlueHen Party Manicure Tutorial - Something Blue

Step 5. Sparkle and shine

Applying a top coat not only adds a shine to your colour, but also doubles up as a sticky base for your 3D glitter effect. After applying the top coat to each ring finger, use an orangewood stick to apply a generous amount of loose glitter to the nail – our pick is Mo You Seashell Shimmer (£2.50). Remove the excess glitter around the edges and gently shake off any excess back into the pot (you don’t want any glitter to go to waste!)
Hen Party Nails Tutorial - Something Blue!

Step 6. Voila!

Apply the top coat over your glitter accents to set into place, your nails will be touch dry after 20 minutes but be careful with your digits for the next few hours to protect them from smudging (a great excuse to put your feet up and relax). Finish up with London Grace cuticle oil (£11) for a fresh and glossy ‘Something Blue’ mani!
Hen Party Manicure Tutorial - Something Blue
If you love this tutorial then why don’t you consider getting a professional manicure for your hen party? London Grace host hen parties in their London nail parlours from £20 per person. If you are looking for a hen party manicure hen party in the rest of the UK then check out our favourite manicurists now!

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