Top 10 Ways To Be A Helpful Bridesmaid

Today we are happy to welcome talented wedding photographer Rachael Edwards to the HenBox blog.  Based near Brighton, Rachael has a beautifully relaxed style that captures bright and natural images. Rachael has attended and taken in many lovely weddings over the years and this has given her a special insight in to how to bridesmaids can be helpful on the big day. Over to Rachael!

I’ve witnessed a lot of brilliant bridesmaids in my time as a wedding photographer. They are the oil in the wedding-day machine, calming nerves, solving problems, keeping time. I usually only say this to the ushers, but being a bridesmaid is a job, not just a title!! So here’s a few tips I’ve picked up on from the fabulous girls I’ve watched in action – to help you be the best bridesmaid ever.

Use Your Skills

Everybody has their own little skills. Everybody! Whether you’re a cake baker, good with flowers, you’ve got an eye for decorations, hair or make up, remember to offer your skills whenever you can. Here’s one brilliant bridesmaid whose artistic eye helped to craft this Thank You photo.

Help Her Into Her Dress

Wedding dresses can be tricky. Lots of fabric and lots of buttons don’t bode well when you’ve got shaky hands! Be helpful and gather material, do up buttons, tighten the corset and calm her nerves.

Dress Up

It’s always nice to dress up so GO FOR IT! Embrace the occasion and make sure you look your very best for her special day.

Spread The Dress

The ceremony is probably the longest time ever that your friend will stand with her back to her nearest and dearest, so make sure it’s looking it’s best! Move quickly and quietly to smooth out the dress, everybody will appreciate your forethought – including the photographer.

Check The Little Details

The Bride can’t do everything so be her eyes and ears. Try to prevent hanging threads, dirty marks, a flower out of place. Quite often  the little details make the most impact at a wedding so keep your eyes peeled to ensure everything is in tip top condition for your friend.

Carry Her Dress Or Veil

Gorgeous gowns often drag along the floor and it’s a sad realisation for some brides that her beloved dress is going to get a little dirty. Without getting in her way, hold her dress and/or veil whenever you can – especially before the ceremony or before the photographs.


The guests at the wedding are your friends nearest and dearest – but the bride and groom can’t be everywhere at once! If you see somebody looking a little lost or on their own, have a chat, introduce yourself, make them feel welcome. Your bride will really appreciate it.

Be Visible

The bride might need help going to the toilet, the caterer might need help working out who is a vegetarian, the DJ might need help finding a plug socket. Be ready to help and be visible. But if you’re over the age of about 10, perhaps don’t try to be quite as visible as this gorgeous little Bridesmaid 😉

Do A Speech

It’s not tradition but if your Bride would like you to, do it! It’s lovely for the guests to hear a different perspective so make it sweet and make it funny – she and everybody else will love it.

Have Fun!

After and amongst all of your duties, please remember to have fun! It’s can be a hard job but don’t stress, don’t worry, everything WILL be ok and your friend will have the best day of her life! So relax, have a laugh and enjoy your job as a beautiful bridesmaid – it will help her enjoy it too.

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