Top 10 Tips To Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever!

Our lovely friends over at Agape Bridal Boutique in Cheshire have drawn upon their years of experience working with Brides To Be and bridesmaids to come up with their Top Ten Tips To Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever!  Expect more bridesmaid related blog posts from them in the future.  We can’t wait. Enjoy!

Bridesmaid Bonding

Often bridesmaids are from different friendship groups or sides of the family. If you meet early on and bond over stories about the bride, hen party shopping or delegating bridesmaids duties, you will be perfectly placed to have a fantastic hen do, not feel awkward at bridesmaids fittings and most importantly form a great support team on the big day!

What Skills Can You Offer?

If admin is your bag, then make a master list of everything that needs to be done. If you are a scatter brain, but creative and arty, don’t take on organisation tasks but plan a fun crafternoon when you can all get together and make pretty handmade decorations for the big day. If you love to drive a hard bargain, get negotiating with suppliers to see if you can save her any money! Think about what you are good at and what you enjoy, and suggest a way you can use these skills to help your lovely bride.

Help Her Pick THE DRESS

Whilst some brides rely upon those closest to her to help her choose her dress, she can also get overwhelmed by the different opinions flying around, especially if all bridesmaids, mother of the bride and mother of the groom are invited to her appointments! You know her well and can sense what she loves and feels most comfortable in, so gently encourage her when you see her falling in love with a dress, even when it’s not your style.

Be Available

We all have very busy lives these days, but your bride will need your help with lots of things, so try your best to make sure you’re free when she needs you.

It’s All About The Bride & Groom!

It’s so easy (and so much fun) to think about what you would choose for yourself, remember this is her wedding! Obviously your input is extremely important to your bride, that’s why she’s picked you!. Offer your views when she asks what you think, but always keep her style and vision for her day in your mind.

Listen To Her

‘Sometimes we don’t need advice, we just need someone to listen’

Planning a wedding is an exciting, busy, and sometimes stressful undertaking. Your bridey will need to use you as a sounding board from time to time, whether it’s to vent about the in-laws or discuss the minutiae of the table plan. If you’re a good listener, you’ll be a great bridesmaid.

Take On Menial Tasks

There is soooo much organisation that goes into a wedding…if you could lighten the burden on your bride by taking on small tasks such as co-ordinating the bridesmaids for fittings, she will be so grateful!

Plan An Amazing Hen Party That Suits The Bride

Get together with the other ‘maids to organise an amazing send off for your lady’s last days of singledom. Again, keep her taste in mind- if she’s a free spirit, why not plan a festival style, bohemian do? If her idea of a good time is a restful spa retreat and bed at 9pm, she probably won’t appreciate kicking off proceedings with a round of jaeger bombs!

Wear Your Dress With Joy!

Ideally you will get to wear an amazing bridesmaids dress which is very ‘you’, a beautifully becoming colour and a fab flattering cut (Check out Agape Bridal Boutique’s collection of Bridesmaid Dresses here for many such dresses!) However, if you feel the dress lacks any of these qualities, wear it happily anyway! It is just for one day, and she thinks you look amazing (you probably do.)

Remind Her To Enjoy Herself

Wedding planning is such an exciting time, and it should be fun and happy too! Sometimes it can also be overwhelming and stressful. At these times it is your job to remind your bride of the bigger picture: she is marrying her beloved, surrounded by her nearest and dearest. Make your bride happy by showing enthusiasm and excitement about her plans! This goes for the day itself too, cherish your getting ready time in the morning, and remind her to take everything in and have the best day ever!

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