4 Reasons We Love Yoga Hen Parties

yoga hen party

Yoga hen parties are big in 2018.  Perfect for seasoned yogis and beginners alike, yoga hen parties are a great way for all your hens to get to know each other.

Whether you want to book a yoga rave, do downward dog on a surfboard or just switch off before your big day, there truly is something for everyone when it comes to a yoga hen party.

Here’s why we love them….

Healthy Hen Parties Are THE Big Trend For 2018

Yes you heard right – a healthy hen party!

‘What the heck is a healthy hen party?’ – we hear you cry.  Let us explain.

A healthy hen party is not for everyone – but if your bride loves nothing better than heading to a spin class, downing a green smoothie and brunching on avocado and eggs, you’re in the right place.

But what is a healthy hen party exactly?

Healthy hen parties can take many forms.

They can be relaxing and rejuvenating.  They can be active and adrenaline filled.  They can be in the countryside.  Or they can be in a city.  The world is your oyster.

Yoga is a great activity for brides who want to incorporate a healthy and fun activity into their hen party.

People Want More Zen At Their Hen!

Not everyone is looking to PARTAY at their hen party.

In fact some brides want quite the opposite.

Zen hen parties are becoming more and more popular for brides who want to unwind and relax before your big day.  After all, planning a wedding is a lot of hard work.

Whether it involves taking a moment to be mindful at a meditation class or stretching at a yoga class, there is a surprising amount of zen hen party activities on offer these days.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Yoga – obviously!

Nine Lives Yoga offers nationwide yoga hen party packages. 

Yoga is a great way to switch off, relax and let all those wedding planning nerves go.  That’s why we love it!  


Accessories and decorations make a hen party so stock up on our favourites below!



Babes In The Woods – Meditation Sessions

Country Bumpkin Yurts – Meditation Sessions

  • Glamping Hen Parties In The East Midlands: You can book a meditation session when you book with them.
  • Find out more and book now

Drawing Whilst Being Mindful

The Mindful Drawing Hen Party Workshop Package With The Mark Makers

 Paddleboarding Under The Stars

The Night Paddleboarding Package With Psyched Paddleboarding

  • Enjoy a magical time under the stars while you master Stand Up Paddleboarding.
  • £48 per person – 2 hours – Anglesey And Snowdonia
  • Find out more and book now

yoga hen party

Yoga Is A Great Activity For Brides Who Think They Don’t Want A Hen Party

Okay so, some brides legitimately don’t want a hen party.

When they say they don’t want a hen party, they mean it!

But with others, when they say they don’t want a hen party, they are really saying they don’t want ‘a traditional hen party’ – filled with pink feather boas and a night out on the town.

Have a chat with your bride to be and ask her whether she would like to a have a hen party – IF it is on her terms – with activities that she will actually enjoy.  If she says yes….

The good news is, hen parties have changed.  They have evolved to be whatever you want them to be.  They are now a reflection of the bride’s interests.

So if your bride is looking for a low key way to celebrate her upcoming nuptials, a yoga lesson could be the answer.

Here is an idea for an itinerary for the bride who loves yoga and wants a low key hen party in Brighton:

  • 11am –  12.30pm: Take a yoga class with Nine Lives Yoga.
  • 1pm: Head to a restaurant for some healthy lunch and a glass of fizz.
  • 3pm: Go for a walk along Brighton pier, to the Lanes and see all the sights Brighton has to offer.
  • 5pm: Have dinner back at your accommodation.  Freshen up and get ready to head out.
  • 7pm: Head into Brighton for a couple of cocktails!

The Key To A Great Hen Party Activity Is Bonding!

It’s quite normal for a hen party group to not know each other.

Inevitably, the bride will invite friends from different times in her life.  She will also probably invite family members.

The key to getting a hen party started is to choose an activity that allows your guests to chat and get to know each other.

Yoga is a great activity to choose if you want to encourage conversation and allow your guests to get to know each other…

Many of the movements can be done with a partner.  As the yoga flows, the conversation flows!

And it’s worth noting, a hen party yoga class does not have to be quite as serious as a normal yoga class.

There are fun group exercises and games that you can play throughout your session allowing everyone to get to know each other.

yoga hen party group

Looking For A Yoga Class For Your Hen Party?

Nine Lives Yoga, Brighton

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