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yoga hen party

A Yoga Hen Party?! Yes, You Heard Right!

Never heard of a yoga hen party? Things are about to change! Yoga hen parties are becoming increasingly popular. And we can see why.

After all, hen parties are changing.  People are getting tired of cookie cutter hen parties that follow the same pattern.  Guests attending 3 different hen weekends in one season may experience 3 very similar hen dos. Of course, your guests won’t mind because (a) they’ll understand how much hard work goes into planning a hen do and (b) their priority will be to make sure the bride has an incredible time. But let’s be honest, it’s time for a change.

Enter the age of the new and improved hen party. Its safe to say hen party planners are looking for something different.  They’re looking for fresh, new and unusual hen party ideas. They’re looking for ideas as unique as their bride to be.

Ultimately they’re looking for permission to be different. Well, we wholeheartedly give you that permission! We say go for it. Plan a non traditional hen party. Plan a hen party you’re bride to be will LOVE! Find alternative hen do activities. Think outside the box. Just make sure you do it your way.

yoga hen party

Is A Yoga Hen Party Right For My Bestie?

Well this is an easy one! If your bride to be loves yoga, the likelihood is she’ll love sharing that part of her life with her nearest and dearest at her hen do. After all, she’ll love the excuse to show off all those bendy moves she’s being working so hard to perfect.

If you know your best friend loves yoga but you’re still not sure whether it’s something she imagined doing on her hen weekend, ask her these questions. Pay particular attention to question 7, ‘Do you have a clear idea of the kind of hen party you would like?’. Dig around if she answers in a vague way to make sure you’re on the right track. And if the bride isn’t bothered about the hen party being kept a secret, just ask her outright! Easy peasy.

Another thing worth considering is your guests.  If the bride doesn’t want the hen party plans to be kept secret, ask her whether she thinks any of her guests will outright hate the idea of doing yoga. Or if the party is a secret, reveal your plans to your guests and ask them how they feel about doing yoga. That way, if anyone doesn’t want to take part, they don’t have to! Everyone’s a winner.

Once you’ve established a yoga hen party is exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s move on.

What Should Your Guests Pack For A Yoga Hen Party?

While some of your guests may have turned their hand to a yoga class or two in the past, many of them may have never step foot in a yoga studio. If that is the case, make sure you tell your guests what they’ll need to bring to be comfortable.

The likelihood is the yoga company you have booked will recommend a list of items to bring. If they don’t, ask them what they recommend. They’ll be able to advise you on exactly what your guests should pack.

The yoga company will more than likely provide you with yoga mats and blocks. But again, check whether this is the case!

Tell your guests to bring comfortable, loose-fitting sports clothes. A pair of leggings and a loose top would work well. If they wanted, they could bring a bottle of water and some socks. But of course, don’t take our word for it! Make sure you check with the yoga company you have booked to find out exactly what you’ll need.

yoga hen party

What Else Could You Do At A Yoga Hen Party?

Whether you’re heading out for a whole weekend of hen party festivities or you’re just celebrating for one day, you’ll probably want to do something more than just a yoga class.

The world is really your oyster when it comes to planning a hen party these days. There are so many different activities out there! And it really depends on the kind of hen party your bride to be wants. If she wants to continue the active hen party vibe, she may want to go surfing, play hen party games or find an outdoor activity. Or she may want to go for a dinner party and night out with her best mates. Either way, there are so many options.

Below we have outlined some ideas for activities that you could do to go with your hen party yoga class!

For The Bride Who Wants A Healthy Hen Party

  1. Accommodation Ideas: A pretty hen party cottage on the coast or in the countryside
  2. Food Ideas: Healthy eating! We’re talking Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls, brunch with avocado-baked eggs and matcha lattes.
  3. Other Hen Party Activity Ideas: How about a flower crown making workshop or if you really want to unwind, what about trying a meditation workshop.
  4. Hen Party Game Ideas: Why not play Pass The Parcel! Fill each layer with eco-friendly gifts the bride and her guests will love. Visit our Hen Party Game Ideas page for more ideas.

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For The Bride Who Loves The Outdoors

  1. Accommodation Ideas: If she loves the outdoors, how about glamping or camping!
  2. Food Ideas: If you’re in a rural location, fill up on a good old fashioned pub lunch.
  3. Other Hen Party Activity Ideas: When it comes to outdoors activities, there are so many choices! If she loves a particular outdoors hobby, you’ll know what she likes. Here are some ideas: a surfing lesson, clay pigeon shooting, a walk on the beach, paddle boarding. The list goes on.
  4. Hen Party Game Ideas: Why not create a mini sports day! Or organise fun Scavenger Hunt. Visit our Hen Party Game Ideas page for more ideas.

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For The Bride Who Wants To Party Too

  1. Accommodation Ideas: Why not rent a hen party house in a city for the weekend!
  2. Food Ideas: How about throwing a dinner party complete with cocktails?
  3. Other Hen Party Activity Ideas: Head out for a night out or find a karaoke club so that you can all sing your hearts out! If you really want to feel glam, book a make up artist and get makeovers.
  4. Hen Party Game Ideas: The Knickers game and Bride To Be Quiz are always popular.  Visit our Hen Party Game Ideas page for more ideas.

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For The Bride Who Wants To Be Pampered

  1. Accommodation Ideas: Why not book hen party house for the weekend so all your guests can really unwind!
  2. Food Ideas: Find hen party caterers to do the hard work for you. That way, you won’t have to lift a finger.
  3. Other Hen Party Activity Ideas: Put your feet up and enjoy some luxurious spa treatments!
  4. Hen Party Game Ideas: Guess the memory and the hen party present game are both fairly low energy games compared to a lot of them! Visit our Hen Party Game Ideas page for more ideas.

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Looking For A Yoga Class For Your Hen Party?

Look no further!  Find the right yoga class your hen party group.  Whether you’re beginners or pros, there’s something for everyone.  You can find out more about the supplier, by clicking the ‘Find Out More’ button below.

Nine Lives Yoga, Brighton

  • Nationwide bespoke yoga hen parties that are soulful, playful and accessible!
  • Prices start from £25 per person for a 90 min session
  • Find out more about Nine Lives Yoga here >>
  • Book Nine Lives yoga today. Email them or use the contact form by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.


So there you have it! We hope you enjoyed reading our Ultimate Guide To Throwing A Yoga Hen Party. To all those yoga-pant wearing, green smoothie drinking brides out there, we hope you have the happiest of hen dos.

If you have any more ideas of what you could do at a yoga hen party, let us know in the comments below.

Find out our top tips on how to plan a Yoga Hen Party!

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